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"Why delay changing whatever troubles you?"

Mindchanges Guarantees:
- Free 60 minute consultation
- Professional & Effective
- Competitive Pricing
- Convenient Online Option

​The following are just some of the problems that Mindchanges Relaxation therapy will help you with. We can discuss your particular issues during your free consultation and simply go from there...
Stress Relief
Smoking Cessation
Habit Cessation
Past Lives
Sleeping Problems
Pain Management
Sporting Performance
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Substance Abuse
Skin Complaints and Rashes
Psoriasis and Eczema
Eating Disorders
Sexual Problems
Weight Loss
Self Loathing
Body Dysmorphia
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Childhood issues
Historical Abuse
Pain Management
Public Speaking
Compulsive Disorders
Lack of Energy
Digestive Problems
Stage Fright
Anger Management
Nail Biting
Life Coaching
Concentration Levels


Together we will complete a Medical Questionnaire in advance of any treatment so that we can agree on an outline of any basic problems and consider any medical history that may have a bearing on it.
It is very important to establish that you have also explored the conventional Medical route to ensure that your condition is not one that that can be more appropriately treated by your GP.
We also have contact with a range of other Professional therapists who we are happy to recommend for a variety of other treatments.

Friendly Service

Noel is a trained hypnotherapist. Nothing will phase him - he has seen it all.
He is a good listener and has empathic skills so you can be assured of a friendly, compassionate reception to any problem you choose to deal with.

Free Consultation


Make an appointment to see us and you will be guided through the completion of the Medical Questionnaire and a discussion will also begin about what process for lasting, permanent change would be right for you.
This is also your chance to outline any concerns you may have about any of our therapeutic methods and have your questions answered too.


Alongside Hypnotherapy techniques Neuro Linguistic Programming is a useful tool for changing our perceptiosn of a problem by altering the parameters already formed within the mind.
It can be amazingly effective in changing your views of a situation in a permanent way, so is very useful for altering memories of past events which are still being found to be troublesome.
We always perform an 'environmental' check with your subconscious mind to ensure that any changes will be truly beneficial to you for your future.


Free 60 minute Consultation


Hourly 70 pounds


On-line consultation available

10% Off
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