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"Frequently Asked Questions"

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Q. I'm worried about Hypnosis. What is it exactly?

Hypnotic Trance will not be used during online consultations but the states are a perfectly normal part our everyday life. When we listen to music and get carried back to an old memory in our mind, or when reading a book we become so absorbed in the characters that we don't notice what's going on around us in the room, we have entered a concentrated trance state.

Whilst you are in this altered state the subconscious mind can reveal strategies and solutions that can be overlooked during normal daily life.

Q. I have a fear of losing control of my mind: is this possible?

The short answer is "No" any more than you would lose control when noticing an aroma that brings back strong memories of a lovely meal you once had or looking at an old photograph that takes you back to a holiday you had. You will be aware of the thoughts you have and the choices you make at every point during the consultation. Mindchanges puts you in charge of your future. No Hypnosis will take place during online consultations.

Q. How do I know I won't get stuck in a trance?

If the consultation is via online communication hypnosis will not be utilised. The main reason is because trance states are so normal for the human mind, we can move from one to another quite easily and without any discomfort. It is a state of relaxed concentration. Being fully relaxed can be an extremely comfortable sensation that you may feel reluctant to leave but at Mindchanges we are used to directing you to return to full wakefulness, feeling alert and refreshed from the experience.

Q. I'm frightened of hypnosis. What does it feel like?

This will vary from each person but common descriptions range from 'Vivid, focused with clarity' to 'Dreamy, woozy and floaty' and clients often report feeling 'Refreshed and well rested' afterwards.  The level of trance can also vary for people too. If you are someone who likes to 'lose yourself' in music, art or meditation then you will slip into a hypnotic trance quicker and more easily than someone who has concerns about 'losing control' and yet there is no loss of control, merely a lowering of resistance to suggestions which can be absorbed more easily by the mind once resistance is suspended.

You may feel a reluctance to move because you feel so comfortable (which is totally different to feeling unable to move because you are paralysed) and this is the difference between the reality and the fear about hypnosis.

Q. Can't we do this without me needing to be in a deep trance?

Yes, many of the processes and techniques we use will be carried out in a state of relaxed concentration with no trance at all, so if you worry about not being able to 'go deep enough' - Don't. You can achieve fantastic results in a very relaxed state which will be long lasting and totally effective. The therapeutic reality is that you will be expected to work during the sessions and speak to describe or explain what you are experiencing as this will help the therapist to gauge how well treatment is going.

Q. I need help fast so how soon can I expect results?

This will depend on the extent of the problem, so it will vary depending on each individual. So if a problem has existed for many years and the mind has been reluctant to process it fully then it may take a little while longer to bring about those changes for the better which will fully resolve the issues and this is to be expected after holding the problem for so many years, however this does not mean that real progress can't be made rapidly and our constant reassessment process will help us to check with you how comfortable you feel at each stage and sometimes the progress can be amazingly quick. There may also be times when you will be asked to practice certain techniques as part of your daily routine and these will be helpful to reinforce the effects of the changes made between each session and take you to your goal even faster.

Q. What does the Free Consultation involve?

Your Free online Consultation is for sixty minutes where, with your help, we complete our Medical Questionnaire and establish exactly what you hope to achieve. If you wish to continue into a one hour session afterwards this is chargeable at the normal hourly rate of £70. Or if you prefer we can make an appointment for another time which is more convenient for you. This Free Consultation time also allows you to raise any concerns you may have about your treatment and to ensure that you feel safe and content with the proposed therapy and comfortable and keen to move on to deal with the problems you have found to be currently unhelpful so that we can achieve a meaningful and permanent change .

Q. How do I book my Free Consultation?

You can ring on 0748410061 or email at

If your call isn't answered immediately it may be because a client is already working so please leave your details and Noel will get back to you as soon as he is free to arrange the time and date for your own Free Consultation.

Further information can be found on our Contact page.

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