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Welcome to Mindchanges. 

Now is the best time to decide to change yourself


You are right to be very concerned about any unhelpful reoccurring behaviour which has been causing you problems or embarrassment in the past and now is the ideal time for you to change your mind for the future by beginning a series of therapeutic sessions with Mindchanges where you can not only develop new strategies for the future but gain important insights about your own mind and how to defeat those irritating difficulties that have plagued you up until now. 


Imagine being proud of your new behaviour when those old triggers return to press your buttons once again, knowing that you now have new ways of dealing with situations that had previously set you off in the wrong direction. Just think for a moment, of the number of past occasions you would love to have altered if you'd had the chance.


And now you can begin to do just that.

Many people in your situation became just as frustrated and annoyed with themselves as you are right now, and now those past clients have achieved powerful solutions that help them redirect their futures in the right way, in a direction that is helpful and positive for them and those people around them. 

Mindchanges is a Professional Therapeutic practice, working out of South London and is ideal for anyone wishing to act now after experiencing far too often, difficult and debilitating anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, anger, over eating, smoking, poor sporting performance, and for those wishing to alter any destructive behaviour you've recognised in yourself that you genuinely want to find a new way out from.

See the range of treatable conditions on the Services page and make the decision to ring today to arrange your own FREE consultation.


By making your choice now to change your mind for good, mind changes can occur whenever you want them to, and with our powerful treatments and strategies, you can quickly and permanently become the person you always knew you can become.

By utilising methods such as trance work, hypnosis, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you can tap into your own powerful unconscious mind and uncover hidden resources that will re-empower you, enabling you to overcome those difficulties you once faced.

With Mindchanges you can also move at a pace that suits you and respects your current expectations without even having to reveal any of the painful specifics of your current difficulties.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a powerful tool that can quickly create new neural pathways leading you to create fresh, useful behaviours when old triggers attempt to strike again (and you know that they will). Only you can decide now that you want to change your future mind for the better with Mindchanges.

So many of our problems today are stress related and yet we continue to push ourselves often beyond our limits or until illness commands us to stop and spend some time healing, but by then the damage has already been caused and it will happen again unless you have new, valid choices available to you that you can go to, to alter the course of your future.​ People often leave giving attention to themselves until it is far too late. Can you imagine trying to change your behaviour whilst dealing with a serious illness? Don't leave it to chance.


The time to take action is now and changing your mind is something you can choose to do right now, especially if you've already decided that something needs to be done: it's a very short step to ring today and make a new start for yourself with an appointment for a FREE consultation.


Mindchanges is a Member of the Foundation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

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