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"Why lose when you have EVERYTHING to gain?"

Mindchanges Guarantees:
- Free 60 minute consultation
- Professional & Effective
- Competitive Pricing
- Convenient Online Option


Free 60 minute Consultation


Hourly 70 pounds


On-line consultation available

10% Off

Mindchanges exists solely to help you overcome those long held anxieties, fears and habits which have brought so many problems into your life.


Treatment sessions will help you to fully explore the process of real change in the comfort of your own home when you take advantage of our call-out service.


Further delay will only continue to negatively affect your life and that's something that nobody wants, so decide right NOW to do something positive - your FREE consultation is only one phonecall away,.

Based in South London Mindchanges uses tried and tested methods of relaxation combined with hypnotic techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming processes to achieve high success levels that are both swift and efficient. 

In this way real & lasting changes have been assured for many satisfied clients who are now dealing positively with even the most difficult of problems after very few sessions. Now there is no reason to continue to risk damaging friendships and relationships.

Each FREE consultation session is a precursor to therapeutic treatment and it will be here that we reach an agreement on the way to move forward together and what type of treatment will give you the best results.



Home visits can be arranged for an additional fee of only 50 pounds (in the inner LONDON area) to cover time and travel costs.

Noel 1.jpg

Mindchanges Founder - Noel O'Halloran BA

- is qualified in both Hypnotherapy Practice and Neuro Linguistic Programming and has been involved for several years in training Interview Techniques to Police Officers. He has dealt with many traumatic events in a highly stressful working environment so there is nothing that would shock or surprise him.

Noel says "Healing is best approached with openness and as much creativity and patience as the mind requires to fully engage in changing any unhelpful behaviours."

Realising the powerful healing that can bring benefits through deep relaxation, he is also engaged in providing calming gong baths where primal vibrations are combined with  Nidra Yoga techniques to bring about deep healing relaxation for larger groups.


Further details on Gong baths can be obtained by ringing Noel.

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